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So, you’ve been wondering..
What’s so different about SKOON.?


"We do not accept that good, effective skincare needs to contain parabens or any toxic ingredients procured at great expense to the environment, and at the expense of women’s health and well-being."

SKOON. was founded in Cape Town by South African Engineer Stella Cioli. SKOON. is a natural skin care brand that prides itself in using best-in-class non-toxic ingredients in scientifically formulated combinations.

Stella believes that good, effective skincare needn’t contain toxic ingredients and parabens procured at a great expense to the environment, let alone at the expense of women’s skin and health.

We do not condone any formulations that might be carcinogenic or harmful to your health. We source locally and encourage local production of ingredients wherever possible. We also reject the concept of testing products on animals on the absolute strongest terms.

‘The SKOON. brand began because of an article I found in a newspaper years ago, which stated that a woman will host, on average, 515 ingredients on her body, at any given time – because of the way modern cosmetics are formulated. It occurred to me that there are very few "good" alternatives – and if I wanted to make a difference, I’d have to roll up my sleeves and make something happen. We just had to get this project off the ground.’

Stella started her own professional laboratory and worked with a chemist full time to produce the best-in-class natural formulations, using highly potent, effective actives and ingredients. Stella researched natural ingredients, travelling far and wide to find superb quality actives and suppliers - whilst her chemist formulated ways to maximise the natural properties of each ingredient procured.

They made a great team, and together, have proven how nature and science aren’t mutually exclusive - they go hand in hand to create effective products.

Our products

SKOON products contain a variety of pure plant oils, rich nut butters, exquisite floral essences and botanical extracts sourced from all over the world. Our combinations are formulated in our lab at Klein Joostenberg Farm.

Our products embody the essence of sustainable science. We have an unwavering vigour and passion to find the finest methods in ethical production and create some of the most luxurious and beneficial formulations in natural skin care.

The cosmetics industry has seen the explosion of new and exciting natural actives with supporting clinical studies in the last few years. We stay up to date with the latest trends, to incorporate the most effective ingredients into our formulations.

Our brand

SKOON. Means clean in Afrikaans.

The essence of our brand is honest and pure. We believe in kind, clean and ethical procurement and production of all the products in our natural skin care range.

We also recycle and encourage recycling in every way possible.

“It’s been a fascinating journey, with many twists and bends in the road, including an interesting juncture, in 2016. This was when I managed to convince my sister Elise du Plessis and her daughter Emma to join me in my business. It was clearly becoming a bigger challenge than I’d ever imagined, and needing a lot more resources than our small, original start-up team. To be honest, I was quite overwhelmed by the groundswell of interest in skincare made with consciousness. The business had to grow.”

“Now we’re even better for it. We’re a team of strong women, and we’re going from strength to strength. Our lab in the Cape is inundated, fulfilling orders for a growing list of South African retailers and salons. By the end of 2020, we’ll have capacity to fulfill export orders globally. We’ve had interest in SKOON. from all over the world. It’s a really good feeling.” - Stella

How SKOON. Products work?

There’s no right or wrong way to use SKOON. Just add a few drops of one or more SKOON. Serums, or concentrates to your SKOON. moisturiser, and mix it in your palm.

"I know some women who often use our concentrates on their own, straight from the dropper – without a moisturiser. Whatever works for you," says Stella.

Our brand and product range keep kindness and gentleness at its core. Loyal SKOON. users will tell you that what keeps them coming back to SKOON., besides a glowing, healthy skin, is the sensuality of fragrance AND the luscious essential oils.

Is there anything else I should know?

SKOON. is now available in South Africa at leading retailers as well as salons.

SKOON. complies with stringent toxin-free criteria of the globally recognized EWG (Environmental Working Group).

SKOON. packaging clearly states the percentage of naturally derived and organic ingredients in every product.

SKOON. is not tested on animals and is registered with Beauty Without Cruelty.

SKOON. contains no parabens.