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We would like to share our story, The SKOON. Story with you.  Why? Because we feel it is very important that you know what we stand for. 

Our story started when we realised we are very different from all the other ranges out there. Contrary to popular belief, at SKOON. we feel the best person to know your skin is you!  So we developed a fresh and uncomplicated range of natural products in such a way that it hands the control back to you, the owner of the skin!  It lets you mix your own solutions (ie. as decided by you, not by any brand) to give your skin the right stuff.  Accepting that every day will be different.

We didn’t do this on our own – and would like to express our appreciation for the collaboration from the cachet of people who live their lives in an interesting, individual way – and who trusted us enough to go on this journey with us. We label all our products with a NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS – and you are the story behind that little icon on our packaging – because we tested it on you. “You in a nutshell, are eco-conscious, modern and concerned about the environment.

We know consumers are tired of “green washing” and so are we.  That is why unashamedly natural.  How natural is “unashamedly natural?  You don’t have to guess – we are proud to show you, just check the INGREDIENTS on our packaging, the breakdown is in plain sight. Organic, natural, naturally derived and nature identical. Where possible, we even scrutinise the manufacturing processes behind our ingredients to rule out any suspect chemicals. 

In the past you may have sacrificed skin care and anti-ageing objectives to ensure you were getting safe, non-toxic products. No need to. At SKOON. every single ingredient is sourced with huge effort from all over the world. The beauty industry has seen an explosion of new and exciting natural actives in the last few years – actives with supporting clinical studies. Our products combine traditional African elixirs – like Marula, Mongongo and Nkuto – with these cutting edge actives from Europe and the States.  

At heart, SKOON. is about collaboration. We manufacture the basics from wonderful ingredients – essential oils, cold pressed plant oils and natural, biologically actives – but you get to mix your own bespoke formulations based on your intuitive response to what your skin needs. (Trust yourself.  You do know).

You have given SKOON. a go. We hope our products will surprise and delight you – and that you love them as much as we do!


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