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Large pores

by Stella Ciolli |

We know you hate your large pores and want them gone asap but a plan of action for large pores requires lots and lots of patience.


(So not!) fun facts about large pores. The size of your pores are determined by the amount of oil (also called sebum) that your skin produces. A lot of oil flowing through your follicles will stretch them resulting into what we think of as “large pores”.


Unfortunately, pores cannot open or close (or contract – for example like the twitching movement of your muscles).


So, can anything be done about large pores? We are happy to say yes

The best way to achieve results that will make you happy is to delete any thoughts about quick fixes.

Once you have done this, we suggest you try to incorporate the following basic steps into your routine.

  1. Daily, gentle exfoliation – look at products with leave-on exfoliants e.g. Salicylic Acid, a phenolic aromatic acid that promotes gentle cell turnover. You can reduce pore size by making new skin, and the new skin makes new, smaller pores.


  1. Try to stay away from skincare & makeup products that tend to clog your pores. Don’t forget to go through your makeup! Loose powders and oily foundations are often the culprits.


  1. Look at supplementing with Vitamin B5 to regulate your oil production. Always good to address a problem at the source. Less oil will mean less stretching and smaller pores.


Have a look at this routine


Cleanse BAMBOO MUSLIN Facecloth + splash of water

Moisturise/ Skinny Cream : 3 drops of WOW-WOW Wonder 3-Hyaluron + C serum + 1 drop SQUALANE Therapy concentrate



Cleanse with WHITEWASH Purifying clay cleanser
Hydrate with RETININ Resurfacing moisturiser


1-2 Per Week

FRUIT SHERBET Enzyme exfoliating mask


Don’t forget your super-dooper oil controlling Vitamin B5 supplement!


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