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Stella's Skincare Blog

by Stella Ciolli •

SKOON. is test-driving Vitamin A
Like to join us for the trip?

The onset of colder weather and reduced sun exposure during May/June in the Southern Hemisphere is the perfect time to reset your skin - with intensive, rejuvenating treatments.   SKOON. has decided to test-drive one of our bestsellers, RETININ Retinal 0.1% resurfacing cream, against a prescription vitamin A product. I suggest you first read my in-depth blog to find out Everything you need to know about Vitamin A in skin care. When I started writing about Vitamin A for this blog post, the idea of a small in-house trial suddenly dawned on me. Amazingly enough, I have never personally used vitamin A. I can’t think why ever not. (creature of habit, not! ☺). For this 30-day product test drive, I am going to apply RETININ Retinal 0.1% resurfacing cream on my left cheek … complete with one, solitary big liver spot. (Am I the only one thinking so - but even the words ‘liver spot’ sound like something you want to banish immediately!) On my other cheek, I will apply a prescription-based retinoic acid – brand name Retin-A. If you’d like to join the SKOON. the trial, we’d love that. We have our Dream Team duo pack on special at the moment – available at or at select beauty and wellness retailers. This pack includes Wow-Wow Wonder with 3% Vitamin C and the RETININ Retinal 0.1% resurfacing cream, which you’ll need for your trial.     How it’ll work: Step #1: Select your routine. Here is mine as an example. Make sure your routine is suited to your skin type – don’t be shy to customise! Step #2: Kick-off is.. Friday, 8 June 2020 and the duration is 30 days.   Step #3: Define your goals. Mine is as follows: Explore the complete experience of retinal vs retinoic acid. Improvement of my pigmentation? Improvement of skin texture and resiliency? I am keeping my goals realistic since it usually takes at least 8 weeks before you see real results.   Step #4: Keeping track. Photographs are the best way to keep track of your progress. I plan to take one beforehand and then once a week, same day, time and lighting. Feel free to post photos and comments during the 4 weeks (+2 days☺) of your own journey.   Step #5: The big reveal of our results. After four weeks, we will meet up here again for a final discussion to evaluate and compare our experiences.   Let’s get going! PS: Remember to take pics of your progress! Before, During, and After.