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by Stella Ciiolli •


Customisable natural skincare is as now and as cool as an ice cream just out of the freezer. It’s for people who refuse to get stuck in a rut, a routine, a concept brand, or an inflexible label. There’s no such thing as three skin types anymore. Smart skin has moved on. It is all about custom-blending by you, as you go. Every day, a different thing, depending on whether your skin is flushed, dry, in break-out mode, whatever. Mix it in the palm of your hand, while you ‘feel’ what your skin needs today. To help you achieve glowing good skin, SKOON. created the MAKE IT YOURS customisable product repertoire that lets you mix your own daily care in the palm of your hand.   At the heart of this philosophy is the idea that you know best what works for your skin.   Your skin changes all the time, depending on the weather, environmental and emotional stress, and other influences.  So every day it might need more of one thing and less of another.   SKOON. is all about customising your routine (on a daily basis, in fact). Experiment with the three MIY moisturisers until you find one that you really like. Then start playing around by adding drops of concentrates. Keep in mind concentrates add extra nourishment to your moisturiser. If your skin feels parched, be lavish with your drops. The texture of your chosen moisturiser will determine the skin feel of your final blend. For a lighter, summer solution, choose a gel moisturiser.  A thick, creamy base may be ideal for extreme cold,  when your skin is very dry or for night care.   PS  You could even use SKOON. concentrates pure, straight from the dropper. Or try blending more than one SKOON. moisturiser. There are no rules.