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KEAGAN KINGSLEY’Swater images were inspired by the recent launch of 4 SKOON. moisturisers, and by the calming qualities of water.

Said KK: ‘There is something so calming about water. It carries you and protects you when you need it to. It gives life to the simplest of things and the most complex. Water is our base and everything we are revolves around it. Shouldn't we celebrate that? Water and hydration in our skincare go hand-in-hand. So I looked to things that inspire me and represent the contrast between dry skin and proper hydration.

I have a really dry complexion so hydration and moisture are key to my daily skincare routine. Twice a day every day.’

The images also made us think of the poetry of water, and our thoughts turned to award winning poem by South African Mbali Vilakazi.

Vilakazi entered her poem SWIM YOUR OWN RACE into the Poetry Games in 2012 and won Gold. 

Her poem celebrated Natalie du Toit’s courage and is a tribute to her tenacity.

Swim Your Own Race
by Mbali Vilakazi

There is life here 
Beneath the surface tension 
of shattered 
bones, dreams and splintered muscles
things broken
and those that may never be replaced.
Pulling the weight of it,
you do not tread the water wounded 
and in retreat
By the determined strokes of fate
you swim your own race
The shoulder of your strength leaning
against the turn -- 
the eye that didn’t see that day,
stopping the clock on the vision of your time.
You continue to beat
into the heart of the spectacle
Manchester City, Beijing, Athens and London.
In no ordinary silence
do we watch 
our own feared hopes waking
and now, breathless
in awe --
you are unforgettable.

Woman of scars, and triumph
the dance is fluid
tears of loss flowing
towards your many firsts
You are the Order of Ikhamanga
in gold.
A flower,
beautiful and unique
among the baobabs of the land
Your shape shifting
The disabled-abled body
A quest
untempered by its tests --
“if you want to get there, you go on”
You have already won
You always do
And we do too
We are the believers.


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