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The new generation, natural skincare for modern, eco-conscious women who want to customise their beauty routine day-to-day, season-to-season.

Our skin breathes in and out. It is alive and organic. Skin is our largest organ and it consists of cells, vessels, tissues, water and oil, among hundreds of other building blocks. It is also connected to our environment. Our skin is even in sync with the moon, following its 28-day cycle of regeneration!

In its natural state, our skin knows how to regulate itself for optimal health, staying at its center point of balance — not too oily, dry or sensitive. But also, like nature, it faces the challenge to do so amid all of the environmental factors it comes in contact with, such as pollution and chemicals, as well as climate and weather changes.

A one-fits-all product simply cannot effectively treat the diverse demands made by environmental and climatic changes on the human skin. Sensitive skin in a hot, humid climate simply does not present the same challenges as sensitive skin in freezing, cold conditions.

In addition, facial skin is usually the most delicate and requires special care. It is also more exposed to variable conditions, like wind, sun, cold and extreme temperatures. Naturally, genetics and lifestyle also play a part in the skin’s well-being. A combination of these factors can cause our skin to shift out of balance. When this happens, skin can fluctuate to different ends of the spectrum, experiencing either inflammation in the form of rosacea and acne, or tipping towards inactive, non- regenerative skin, presenting as dry and prematurely ageing.

Two years of intense research and formulating has enabled SKOON. to be the first, natural skincare brand to offer made-for-me, natural and organic products. 

All the moisturisers in the MADE-FOR-ME range contain the same actives but have different viscosities. Superfluity MOISTURE GEL is light, free-flow and airyBeautifuel DOUBLE THICK CREAM rich and creamy and The One SUPER MOISTURISER the perfect in-between. Choose one as your base cream and simply add drops of concentrates or serums to customise your own unique moisturiser. 

Seasonal change-over can be hectic on skin, yours may feel water-dry or even more oily at the moment?

Now is the perfect time to customise your routine to rebalance your skin. SKOON.’s  water based serum, Skin Sips MOISTURE NOW SERUM, add extra moisture to your routine and our lovely, lovely, skin loving concentrates  White Cloud ManukaGlowdropsRosehip C+ and Ruby Marine OVERNIGHT HYDRATING MASK (a solid concentrate) replenishes lipids for healthy, pliant skin.

Don’t be shy to experiment! There is no wrong or right way to use SKOON. You can even blend two creams together for the perfect moisturiser in sync with your skin and environment.

If your approach is to rebuild your skin’s integrity and defenses, while stimulating collagen synthesis and skin cell regeneration – without the soup of synthetic ingredients and perfumes – you are in the right place. What you will find here are powerfully effective, natural takes on cutting edge trends in skincare.

What you should know about SKOON.

We believe skincare should be free from irritants and harsh chemicals. It should be made from high-end essential oils, cold pressed plant oils and natural, bio-actives in packaging that will not harm the environment nor compromise the integrity of the product. It should work.

Many skincare products available in the market are made up of very little actives that have only a minor effect on the skin. SKOON is different. We are proud to guarantee that we use the recommended dosages for all our actives. So proud we actually state the percentages of actives on our packaging.

The preservative system used in our products is natural and safe for all skin types.  All SKOON. products are proudly South African and made in our affiliated, privately owned manufacturing facility based in Cape Town.


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