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Customisable skincare is as now and as cool as an icecream just out of the freezer. It’s for people who refuse to get stuck in a rut, a routine, a concept brand, or an inflexible label. 

See, skin defies labelling. There’s no such thing as three skin types anymore.  That was last century, ladies. Smart skin has moved on.

Word on the street – as well as between the covers of glossies like Harpers Bazaar - is that the most contemporary skin care brands are those that can be custom-blended by you, as you go. Every day, a different thing, depending on whether your skin is flushed, dry, in break-out mode, whatever. Mix it in the palm of your hand, while you ‘feel’ what your skin needs today.

Says Harper’s Bazaar (June 2015):

‘How often do we suffer with an oily T-zone in the summer months, dry cheeks in the winter and then our skin breaks out when the season change? And let’s not forget the effect that environmental factors such as pollution or stress have on our skin. With all this to cope with, the simple approach to categorising complexions into three types – dry, combination or oily, is clearly out-of-date. The “one size fits all approach” no longer offers the age-defying, radiance enhancing results that women crave and expect. Rather than investing in one rigid routine all year round, we should be evaluating our skin on a regular basis.’

‘With the seasons changing, as summer approaches this is the ideal time to assess what your skin truly needs,’ says Bazaar. 

We couldn’t agree more. 

Bazaar mentions how the most forward thinking brands have ‘mastered the art of bespoke skincare.‘ 

Like Skoon.? Yep.

Says Bazaar: ‘Every treatment is tailormade to your complexion’s specific requirements, and each customer receives a beauty prescription based on a rigorous skin analysis. The idea that a woman’s beauty needs are unique is central to the brand’s philosophy and there is an impressive array of serums to solve every concern.’

Keen to try blending your daily skin fix in the palm of your hand, the Skoon. way
Pick exquisitely aromatic concentrates and serums to blend with your chosen Skoon. moisturiser. Or read Skoon. founder Stella Ciolli’s take on customisation.


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